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Kaula ‘Tantra’ Yoga is an ancient yoga tradition, which enriches your experience of life through balancing your whole Self.

If not indicated otherwise, workshops will be held by Ayşe Yufkayürek, Tantra Yoga senior instructor and long-term student at Shri Kali Ashram in Goa, India. Ayşe is a registered teacher RYT 500™ & E-RYT 200™ with Yoga Alliance.


Workshop on Tantra Yoga

10 sessions, each 3-4h

This series of 10 workshops explores and conveys the traditional philosophy and practice of Tantra, including pranayama (breathing control), asanas (physical exercise), dhyana (meditation) and satsangs (interactive lectures).

In the Western mind, ‘Tantra’ is mostly seen in connection with ‘Kama Sutra’, unfortunately reduced and misunderstood terms, associated or even equalized with sexuality, lust and funky positions. Yet, they belong to spiritual concepts, depicting intimacy as creative divine love, to be celebrated and shared in life. All ancient spiritualities consider an Absolute Consciousness as the origin of life. From the Tantric philosophy, prevalent in all religions, it can be derived how to live life in harmony with ourselves and our environment, free of latent fear, guilt, constraints, alien ideals and ideas – thought constructs and emotions that often control and restrict our actions and thinking, and lastly impede to express our True Self.

This workshop lets you experience, understand and apply Tantra and Yoga to your all day life. You learn to make serenity last to remove feelings of stress, anxiety and pressure, while increasing physical, mental and emotional health for an organic, wholesome life culture.

Themes of the 10 workshop will be: The History of Yoga, The Sub-conscious Mind, Identity & Self, Ayurveda, Spirituality, Meditation, Tantra, Love, Relationships, Sexuality.

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“The workshop awakened lots in me like a challenging side I won’t yield to the obstacles, I can concentrate more and I feel like there is a clarity in my thoughts and feelings and soul as well. I was doing meditation but now I can even benefit more from it and get into that concentrated state easily. I also feel more strong. Thank you for all of this. I really feel that what we experienced there is our reality.” – Tugce, Istanbul

“Namaste! Her şeyden önce şunu itiraf etmeliyim ki, yogaya başlamak gerçekten hayatımı derinden etkileyen bir süreç oldu. Değişik yoga türlerini içeren derslere katıldım. Bu derslerden biri de Ayşe’den aldığım Tantra Yoga dersi oldu. Diğer yoga türlerinden farklı olarak Tantra Yoga, bende çok değişik hisler uyandırdı. Bedenime daha farklı bir gözle bakmamı sağlayıp farkındalığımı arttırdı. Asanalar sonrasında Şavasana’ya dönüşler, gerçek benlik farkındalığımı geliştirdi diyebilirim. Ayşe’nin rahatlatıcı ses tonu ve yönlendirmeleri, tüm ders boyunca rahat ve dingin olmamı sağlayan çok önemli bir etkendi benim için :)

Eğer siz de farkındalığınızı arttırmanın yollarını arıyorsanız, belki size de bunun yolunu Tantra Yoga açabilir. “Bir” olma yolunda uygulanabilecek farklı yöntemler arasında Tantra Yoga’nın yeri benim için gerçekten çok ayrı. Elbette herkesin kendi yolunu bir şekilde bulacağına inancım tam. Sevgilerimle.
Namaste!” – Hatice, June 2013

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