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Shri Kali Turkey goes to its India home for winter season 2015/2016Shri Kali Turkey goes to its India home for winter season 2015/2016Shri Kali Turkey goes to its India home for winter season 2015/2016

Dear All! At end of December my little family and I are starting our travels to India. We will be there until May 2016. Our main residence will be Shri Kali Ashram in Southern Goa, where I will continue my own studies and guide this retreat. I invite everyone to come along, who is interested to realize their divine existence and enjoy a wonderful time:

Join Feb 1st – 14th for a

Yoga Retreat

in Southern Goa, India

Enjoy Life

“Learn how to explore your inner Self,
subconsciously re-set and
expand your knowledge of life by experiencing divine love.”

Ancient knowledge on a wholesome system of life


Āsanas & Dhyāna – TriDosha Balancing Series & Meditation

Vyāyāma – Supportive Dynamic Practice

Prāṇāyāma & Bhandas – Breath Regulation & Internal Practices

Āyurveda – Medicine & Massage (hands-on instruction)

Satsang/ Lectures – on Tantra & Yoga, cultures, world view, science etc.

Puja – goddess consecration (mantras, mudras, offerings, meditation)

Kirtan – chanting Mantras & translation

Sanskrt – learn basics of the language

 Community – transactional, social interaction & integration

Excursions – various sites, temples and cities

(classes taught by qualified international and Indian teachers*)

Divine Feminine Puja

Experience spiritual practices from a valid tradition of Kashmiri Shaivism in the beautiful, serene and adventurous vicinity of Southern Goa…

921659_585708318113767_162503091_obalance yourself, enjoy meaningful conversations, indulge in delicious food, meet wonderful people…and have fun! DSC_0961


Mata Shree House
main ashram building
Rio de Talpona
close by river “Talpona”
easy commuting
easy commuting

Inside the ashram or in walking distance cottages in the jungle or at the beach: single or double (or family) bedrooms with private bathroom & fan (AC upon request). Ashram buildings are serviced and cleaned daily.

If you arrive in a group or with your family, tell us early as to check on a rental house/ apartment and evtl. nanny for you.

basic bedroom
located between beach and jungle
large basic bedroom

Ayurvedic Vegetarian Meals (diverse breakfast, lunch & dinner buffet; unlimited water, tea, fruits) prepared by our local cooks and served in the Ashram’s dining hall. (Please let us know, if you have special requests)

daily Ayurvedic buffet

included: joining the daily program of Shri Kali Ashram plus additional talks on relevant topics, culture and history, Q&A, translations, private mentoring, Sunrise/ Sunset Yoga; Massage Training, Tantric Philosophy, guided excursions to temples and villages, accommodation; all ashram meals.
excluded: flights (destination Goa Dabolim airport), transports, books & material (rentals)

daily schedule:
8:00 Wake up & Tea
8:30 Exchange of Ayurvedic Walking Massage
9:15 Morning Asanas
10:30 Pranayama/ Bhanda practice
11:30 Brunch
12:00 Rest & Study time
13:00 Lunch & Conversations
14:00 Rest & Study time
15:30 Tri-Dosha Asana Balancing Series
19:00 Dinner & Community
20-22:00 Lecture, Satsang, Goddess worship (Puja), Sanskrt, Chanting (Kirtan)

– Wednesdays free –

Additionally we are including several sunrise & sunset yoga sessions, group specific talks, guided excursions to nearby sites (villages, nature, temples) as well as personal and group coaching sessions. A detailed schedule will be handed upon registration.

TriDosha Balancing
yoga asanas on the rooftop
Pranayama beach
pranayama and related practices
Beach Dynamics
supporting beach exercises
regular evening classes
weekly puja ceremony

More Details & Reservation
from $885 p.p. for 14 days including daily program, accommodation and all meals. 

Pricing for children age 6-12:
food $50
accommodation $50
Total: $100 per child per 14 days
Children over the age of 12 are charged as adults for room and food. 


All levels of yoga, singles, partners, family, friends and teenagers welcome.


celebrating holidays with local friends
“Holy” festival invitation
Students enjoying some free time
relaxing and fun movie nights


*Main Group Teacher
Ayse Yufkayürek, registered RYT 500, E-RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance, provides continuing education and workshops to students and other teachers. She has been with Shri Kali since 2011, dividing her time between instructing in Europe and Turkey, while studying and guiding retreats in Shri Kali Ashram in India. Ayse speaks fluent English, German and some Turkish, thus translations are given as required.






Please see videos on the yoga, the school and its students here.

February 1st – 14th
(Limited to 10 participants)


Please book well in advance, especially for reservation of family lodges. Nanny service is available and toddlers can be brought into the playgroup or kindergarten in Palolem.


For any questions and reservation please e-mail: info@shrikali.eu or click here




“The asanas are part of an integrative approach to culture an automatic relaxation response throughout the whole body to build resilience for stress factors and situations, such as childbirth, job, family etc.”

“Ayse is a focused and talented teacher who guides participants in a powerful practice. The practice is very quiet and intentionally slow and Ayse sets a pace and tenor that help me centre myself during class and throughout the week. Over time, the practice has also helped me resolve back pain and strengthen my limbs and core. I wholeheartedly recommend this practice to anyone looking for a holistic approach to wellness and stability.”

“TARİFİ MÜMKÜN OLMAYANIN tarifi Bana derslerimiz hakkında değerlendirme yazar mısın? diye sorduğunda içimden ne kadar zor bir şeye evet dediğimin farkındaydım; deneyimsel soyut bir şeyleri somut kelimelerle ifade etmeye çalışacaktım ki Tantra Yoga gevşemeyi ve BİR liği hücrelerinize öğrettiğiniz, üç saatlik masal gibi bir çalışma sonunda gökyüzünde akışa geçtiğiniz bir şey..”


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